Saturday, September 5, 2009

Strength to the weary....

He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power. Isaiah 40:29

Isn't she sweet? My wonderful husband bought her
for me last fall. He named her Herbie (??? yes... I know). She is due for some touchups...looking pretty weathered and worn these days. Pretty much like my gardens....they too are ready for cooler temperatures and are thirsty for the sweet rains of autumn.
This spring, when we first moved into our new house, there were blooms everywhere.... azaleas, daffodils, bugleweed, various blooming trees and shrubs... however it was hard to find anything pretty in my yard during July and August. The poor gardens were so tired and dry.
Been there...several times. I'm talking about the dry and weary times of the soul. The long nights where it feels like morning will never come. Battle weary...and it can become a long and sometimes dangerously low point. You know what I am talking about...character developing seasons.
I am so thankful for a family that prays. Really prays. So when we are honest enough to share with each other the times we are fighting our way upstream... we know that we are going to be lifted up in prayer. Maybe that is how "He gives strength to the weary...." We need each other during storms and dry spells. He wants us to share our vulnerabilities with each other because not only does it give others a chance to grow in their faith, it provides an intimate connection which cannot be built during our "spring" seasons. It is okay to let others see our absolute realness.

I love the lyrics to this song that I learned when I was in my teens and have used it as a lullaby for my children and now for my grandchildren (cannot remember who actually sang it or all the lyrics)...
"If He knows when a robin falls from its nest
And He grieve when He sees it die
If He kisses a rose with a morning mist
How much more does He love you and I....
How much more than a fragrant rose
That He gives life in the spring
For does He love me less than the bird in his nest
That never souls yet sours on the wing

(here is my favorite part)
He can speak just one word and calm the angry wind
And peace be still calms the rolling sea
He can speak peace be still to the storm that's within
That's how much that He really loves you and me.

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